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It’s Been So Painful To Shop @CoastalScents

Shopping at Coastal Scents online on this Cyber Monday has been a PAINFUL experience.  Not only is there a lot the things I wanted sold out, but also the website is EXTREMELY SLOW to load.  It took me over an hour just to get less than 10 items into the shopping cart, and as of this writing I’m waiting for the checkout process to be completed.  It’s been about 20 minutes and I’ve been sitting on the same webpage while it’s trying to load the shipping options for my area.

Oh thank the lord.  Now I can move on to the next step.  Let’s see how long it takes to accept (or not) my payment info.  Been 2 minutes and still waiting…

…and while I’m waiting…..it’s Cyber Monday obviously and Coastal Scents is having a 50% off sale on their entire website, with a few exceptions of course, and so I, like gazillions of other shoppers, decided to get in on it.

Shoops, after 4 minutes, checkout is finally complete and my order in, waiting to be processed.

So anyhow, yeah, if not for the 50% off I probably wouldn’t have bought anything from Coastal Scents even though I’ve been wanting to for a while now.  I’m always hesitant to pay full price for something I’ve never tried, and can’t see or touch in person before buying even if they reasonably priced compared to similar higher-end product.  So all in all even though it took forever (or so it seemed) to complete my purchase, I think I got a pretty good deal.