Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD ║ Review (and #Giveaway!)

My youngest child, Joonyer, turned 3 this year and has quite an appetite….for junk food, especially chips. Yep, that very salty, very unhealthy snack that I’m guilty of also indulging in.  If she had her way, she’d down a whole bag as a meal.

Recently she’s started rejecting eating some of her veggies in her meals and I can’t get her to eat them  no matter how much I beg (or bribe) her.  I’ve tried by reminding her how she used to like eating broccoli, for example, but she’ll have none of it.  What else is a mother to do?

I was recently introduced to a DVD titled Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables.

What is Copy-Kids?
Copy-Kids is a media company that has designed a DVD series to encourage young children, ages 6-months to 5-years old, to eat fruits and vegetables and enjoy it.  Launched in January 2011, their debut DVD has since garnered recognitions of excellence:

The DVD has also been approved by the USDA as a resource in their Education and Training Materials Database for pre-school nutrition.

How does it work?
The DVD’s concept is plain and simple.  Show kids delightfully eating various fruits and veggies while having some fun with it at the same time.  When other children view this, they’d want to have the same kind of enjoyment and fun , so they’d copy those kids and eat what they’re eating.

In this first DVD of the series, there are twelve 7-minute chapters, each representing a fruit or vegetable:

•apples •avocados •bananas •bell peppers •blueberries •broccoli •carrots •cucumbers •oranges •raspberries •strawberries •tomatoes

I sat down with my daughter (including my oldest) and we  watched with fascination (intense on her part) at the kids eating all of the foods raw, especially the bell peppers and broccoli.  As we viewed each chapter, she ask me what food the kids where eating if she didn’t know what it was, and told me about what was happening or what the kids were doing.  She also asked more questions and even told me she’d like eat some of the foods the kids ate!

After viewing the entire DVD the first time, my daughter wanted to keep viewing over and over again, especially the chapters on broccoli , carrots and bell peppers.  There was some kind of fascination with those vegetables, maybe it was their “crunchiness”?

Does it work?
I haven’t gotten Joonyer to try the bell pepper or cucumbers, but she does like to eat the other veggies….if they’re cooked.  She hasn’t had the desire yet to eat them raw.  BUT, just the other night she did try, and actually LIKED, eating strawberries, raspberries, and even blackberries!  Now she keeps asking if I have any more for her to eat!  Ultimately, I think it does work even though she hasn’t tried the bell pepper or cucumbers… yet.  But, I can’t really expect her to try and/or like everything when I want her to.  When she’s ready, I’ll be ready to help her along on her journey to eating healthier!

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Where to get to buy
The DVD retails at $19.95 and you can purchase it at the Copy-Kids website or at select retailers.


One lucky person will win a copy of Copy-Kids Eating Fruits and Vegetables.
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  1. The only two my 4 year old hasn’t tried are avocados and bell peppers
    Guess he’s doing pretty good in the veggie department :)

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