Geno? Gino? Gee, No I Don’t Know

Last month we adopted a little girl named Izzie.  She’s the most playful, daring, unfazed kitty in the world.  Since then we’ve adopted a brother for her.  The lil’ guy is just 2.5 months old and he’s a handsome orange, mackeral-striped tabby with spots on his belly.

We adopted him from Joey’s Feline Friends, which has a spot in the Pearl City Petco.  He was found, along with his 4 siblings, in the Kapolei Costco parking lot, either abandoned by careless owner, or orphaned.  They were all fostered since they were found and their foster mom did a fantastic job at raising them.

He is super friendly and doesn’t mind being held and cuddled, as evidence by Joonyer’s firm grip on him.

When we adopted him, the name he was given was Genie.  Don’t know about you, but to me it sounds like a pretty girl’s name.  Even Jeenerz thought it was a girl’s name and we both thought he was a girl before we knew better.

So as not to confuse anyone else, we decided to change his name.  Nothing drastic, I like to keep it simple and not change too much, so we (or I did really) decided to change the ‘ie’ in his name to ‘o’.  But I’m not sure if Geno might be mispronounced as ‘je-no’ by others, when it should be ‘jee-no’.  ‘Gino’ is the more conventional spelling, but even though I like simple, non-drastic, I also like a name with a unique spelling.

So what do you think, should it be Geno or Gino?  Share your thought in a comment below!