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Let’s Go Holoholo

Let’s go what?  Holoholo?  What does that mean, you might wonder.

Well, in Hawaii,  holoholo means to go out, leisurely cruising around, usually in the car.  Or in general, just to go out and enjoy.  And since the weekend’s here my family and I have plans to go to the waterpark on Saturday for a day of wet, wild, fun.

We purchased an annual pass for each member and are making sure we get our money’s worth.  Last weekend the girls had fun with their dad going down the giant, green slide over and over and over again, while I just sat under the trees and relaxed.  But this time, I’m expected to share in their fun down that slide. So….

Do you have any plans to go holoholo?

UPDATE #2: Clean+Green Giveaway

So, I think I have figured out why my giveaway blog has been removed, and so now I’m trying to fix it.  Don’t know how long it’ll take, they say a few days, but who knows, it may be never.

But, good news!  I was able to load the Rafflecopter widget onto my Facebook page and now you can enter the giveaway over there.

So why not head on over there and enter for chances to win?

UPDATE: Clean+Green Giveaway

For those of my subscribers who’ve read my review and entered my giveaway, I’m sorry to report that for some unknown reason to me, my giveaway blog Cranky Gurl’s Closet has disappeared (possibly deleted).

I am completely upset:[ by this event and am trying to figure out what happened and why, but so far getting nowhere since there doesn’t seem to be any support contact for Blogger or Google, other than so-called Help Center/Groups.  I’ve posted a call for help there but so far there’s been no response to my plea.

If I cannot get my Blogger back up and running I will have to figure if I can get the giveaway running on my Facebook page, and for those that have already entered, don’t worry your entries are retained by Rafflecopter, and I have a hardcopy of the entries, if I have to ultimately manually add it.

Please bear with me as I try to the giveaway back up and running again.  I’ll keep you posted.

Behind the Scenes of The Avengers! – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday 03.28.12

It’s almost May and I can’t wait for this movie arrive in theaters!  In the meantime I’ve got some behind the scene shots to share with you.  Enjoy!


All images are ©MVLFFLLC and was provided by the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Monday Monkey Facebook Hop

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Clean+Green Review (and Bonus!)

With the addition of a dachshund (Hercules) and a kitten (Izzie) into our family, I’m in constant search for a product that can get rid of the doggie odor and the litter stink that’s become a part of our household aroma.

But not only does the product need to be effective, it also needs to be ‘green’ and non-toxic.  I have two young children and I don’t like them to be exposed to harmful chemicals if I can help it.

Enter Clean+Green.

Created by SeaYu, Clean+Green is a pet clean up system that is effective, safe, and just as the name says, ‘green.’  It offers eco-friendly, natural cleaning products for dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals for various surfaces.  Their non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners are made with organic and biodegradable ingredients that work to remove such nasty stains from dog or cat urine, vomit, bird droppings, and other small animal accidents.  Ingredients include cane sugar derivatives, proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose (cleaning agents), purified water, and nitrogen.

Their special powerfully, patented Advanced Eliminator³ Formula™ works by encapsulating the source of a stain or odor then naturally biodegrades the source, thus eradicating the stain or odor.

And, it’s safe for the ozone layer because it uses nitrogen as the propellant instead of harmful CFCs!

The Critique
I received a can of Furniture Refresher for Dogs to use on the sofa protector that’s embedded with doggie B.O.  Hercules thinks the sofa is his day bed while we’re out of the house and has no problem rubbing himself all over the cover.  I loathe to sit on the sofa, in fact a rarely ever do just because it stinks.

After following the instructions to prep the product for use (nothing complicated, just align the nozzle with the dot on the can lip) I generously sprayed the half of the cover so that it was damp, but not soaked and let it air dry.  Immediately after spraying I did notice that the doggie B.O. was disappearing from the sprayed side.  After 15 minutes, the smell of Hercules was gone from the sprayed side of the cover.  However, while the furniture refresher did eliminate the dog odor, it left behind a trace scent.  Nothing overpowering, but it did smell slightly odd, can’t describe it, but it was definitely ‘better’ than dog B.O.!  And after a couple of days I didn’t even notice it.

I also got a can of Small Animal All Purpose and used it for the litter box.  As all cat lovers know….the litter box and the trash that we empty those kitty clumps into REALLY, REALLY STINK.  And I never hear the end of it from the hubby.

Just sprayed this about 15 seconds over litter box and the trash and POOF!  We all could breathe again when walking pass (at least for a little while).  But, just as with the furniture refresher, it did have that odd trace scent afterwards.  But as I said, it’s nothing compared to the stink.

Get Connected

You can purchase Clean+Green products online at their webstore or at numerous pet stores nationwide.

Win it over HERE!
Giveaway ends on April 09, 2012.  Open to U.S. residents only, 18-yrs. or older.

Disclosure: I received complimentary products from Clean+Green in exchange for my honest review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation and all opinions expressed in this review are my own without influence.