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Sahily of Pretty in Pigment recently tagged her blog readers (of which I’m one of) to tell a bit about themselves so she can get to know a bit about all of them.

So here’s my bit for her (and as sort an intro to me and this blog):

Vital Statistics:
-Name: Teigh (pronounced just like the letter “T”)
-Birthday: Feb. 9th (that’s all I’m saying….but I’ll say that I’m considered ‘Mature’)
-Place of Birth: Honolulu
-Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
-Male or Female: Female
-Occupation: Domestic Goddess (mommy, wife, cook, chauffeur, etc.) and Public Servant (for the local library system)
-Hair Color: Black with a grey stray or two
-Hair Length: Medium….but I prefer it short, if only I had had the face shape for it.
-Eye color: Dark Brown
-Height:5′ even….I’m even more vertically challenged than Sahily.
-Braces?: Yes.  I had ’em in high school.
-Glasses?: Yep, but I usually wear contacts.
-Piercings: Only in my ears….2 in my right, 3 in my left
-Tattoos: Two.  One on my left shoulder blade, a Joel Adams fairy.  The other a half-sleeve on my right art of Kuan Yin.
-Righty or Lefty: Righty.
Your ‘Firsts’:
-First best friend: My cousin.  She’s the same age as me and we went to the same schools for most of our school-aged life.
-First Award: I couldn’t even remember my first award.  It was THAT long ago.
-First Sport You Joined: Never joined any sport, but I LOVE to watch football.
-First Real Vacation: Sacramento when I was like 6 or 7.
-First Concert: Menudo.
-Movie: Probably Grease…. I can actually recall what happened in the movie….nowadays I can’t even remember the last movie I saw much less recall what happened in it.
-TV Show: Amazing Race, Top Chef, CSI (and its other variants), Bold & The Beautiful, and many more.
-Colors: Purple, blue, black, burgundy
-Song: Don’t really have a fave, just like what ever has a beat that makes me wanna dance.
-Candy: Almond Joy and Reese’s PB cups…..wish they made them with dark chocolate though!
-Restaurant: Thai Village….even though Thai food is expensive.
-Store: Sephora is my current fave.
-Book: Don’t have a fave book, but one of my fave authors is Sherilynn Kenyon.  My fave genres are paranormal romance and fantasy, and thrillers.
-Magazine: Don’t have one.
-Shoes: Flats….yep, even if I’m only 5′.
-Feeling: Tired. Refereeing 2 young girls and their dad…..takes a huge toll on me.
-Single or Taken: Taken
-Eating: Too much.
-Listening To:  Dr. Jones
-Thinking About: What and where I’m spending my money on Black Friday
-Wanting: A pressing kit from TKB.
-Watching: The computer while I type up the answers to this tag entry.
-Wearing: Almost no makeup.
-Want Children?: Nope, already have 2.
-Want to be Married: Nope, sometimes I wish I didn’t do it.
-Careers in Mind: Travel agent or something similar after I retire from public service
-Where do you want to live?: Europe, someplace like London, or maybe Switzerland.
Do You Believe In:
-Miracles: Yes.
-Love At First sight: Yes to certain degree. I guess I believe in instant attraction.
-Ghosts: Nope.
-Aliens: Nah.
-Soul Mates: Yes.
-Hell: Yes
-Kissing on The First Date: Nope, but I did on mine.  However, I’d tell my girls NO WAY on their first date!
So that’s something about me. =)

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  1. Hey Teigh! I’m glad you participated in the tag, it was great reading about you. I guess we both have a love for Thai food. I just subscribed to your blog via email and am looking forward to reading more about you :)

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